Regardless of your opinion about the organization itself, Kony is still a very real presence in International crime, and Invisible Children has made some amazingly palpable and genuine attempts to unite the masses by reminding us that we are all part of a transcending online generation that breaks barriers of age, religion and nationality. After all, is it not true that history exists in this time-collapsing portal that we call the internet, and that it is our duty to bare the torch and evolve and redefine the justices that our parents and grandparents and generation after generation have so tirelessly sought to protect and build? The idea itself is essential. It reminds us that we are not a mindless generation, that the over-information age needs to be channeled and put to effective use. The most important thing is to stay informed. Watch the Video. And regardless, support, because God knows these guys are actually trying to make a difference.